From a very young age, we are told that education is one of the most important things in our lives. As time goes by, we begin to value it more on our own and not because we are told to. But what happens when we are out of university and we jump into the world of work? Perhaps we begin to appreciate learning a bit more when we are not in the classroom. The truth is though, that learning does not have to end when we’re out of university or college. Any adult can go back to learning by applying for even one module! You can take classes that have to do with the industry you work in or you can simply choose a class that interests you. We all seek growth by learning something new that will benefit us.

Here are 10 reasons as to why adult education is essential:

  1. Change

    We live in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing. Thanks to technology, we get an influx of information through social media and news outlets every single day. This means that sometimes we do not always catch up to the world’s social dilemmas as much as we would like to because there is simply too much to consume. By taking a class that helps you broaden your mind, you are learning about society today. You will be evolving your thoughts and feelings about several issues and topics that are being discussed in today’s world. If you take the step towards breaking the learning barriers in your path, you will be making way for a better you.

  1. Personal growth

    This one goes hand in hand with change. While you will be making an effort to learn about the world as it is today, you can also find classes that will help you improve as an individual. For instance, the institute has modules like Personal Empowerment which will help transform you in not only your personal life but also your professional one. Maybe there’s a psychology class that you have always wanted to take but never had the opportunity to do so, here’s your chance!

  2. Retaining employees

    If you own a business, it is in your best interest to encourage your employees to further their education when possible. By doing so, you are ensuring that they will continue to bring value to your business and you can be at ease knowing that the people you hired are highly qualified. This will also give an opportunity to those who would like to shift their career paths are looking to get a promotion.

  3. Keeping your mind active

    When taking a class in your later years, you are making a contribution to your own mind. You are ensuring that your mind stays active by having something productive to do outside of work or retirement. People who make use of their brain in this way on a regular basis will increase their chances of having a better memory. Exercising your brain will keep you sharp and it will give you a sense of purpose.

  4. Social relationships

    Applying for a module or two means you will be meeting new people. Sometimes in our adult lives. we get a bit too comfortable in our social group meaning we refuse to expand it. By taking a class, you are making new friends with individuals who come from all walks of life. You will start to find people who share the same interests as you do therefore you will start to develop friendships that might last you a very long time!

  5. Increasing your creativity

    Doing the same thing over and over for several years can be draining. Having a routine is good and beneficial but when one does not step outside of their comfort zone, they can never find the motivation to be creative. Taking a class will definitely help you think outside the box and will certainly increase or develop a sense of creativity in you. By choosing to learn something new, you are opening yourself up to a number of possibilities and even reducing your levels of stress and anxiety.

  6. Setting a good example

    By now, we have recognised that adult education is very essential but a lot of adults still find it hard to take that leap of faith because they think that they are too old or they could not possibly have the time for it. It only takes one person in your office to start up their education again for you to say “Hmm… maybe I can as well”. Perhaps you want to set a good example for your children or young family members that are thinking of quitting education. You can be the person that makes them think twice by setting an example for them.

  7. Spending your time doing something fruitful

    On the off-chance you get some free time in your life, why not do something fruitful with it? Writing your name down for a module will give you a sense of purpose and productivity that you would not have gotten from watching TV on your sofa. You can learn something, meet new people and gain new opportunities!

  1. Another chance

    Adult education is also there to give people another chance. Maybe you decided to leave school at a young age or maybe you did not have a say in that matter, whatever the case is, you have a second chance. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn about management or psychology, just look through the plethora of fully accredited courses that MLI offers. You might find your second chance waiting for you there.

  2. Economy

    With more educated adults on the horizon, one can expect a better economy. Having qualifications and skills will increase your chances of getting a job or that promotion that you have been eyeing for a while. When more people are employed, the less pressure there is on governments to sustain those who need to live off benefits.

There you have it, the 10 reasons why adult education is essential. Have a look at our courses and let’s start a conversation about your education.