M.ed inc. year 2 specialisation 1

Learning Outcomes:

      1. Act independently to learn about behaviours that may be considered challenging and the role and function of the multidisciplinary / agency team in assessing and supporting those who challenge.
      2. Act independently to research the various strategies (non-therapeutic) that can be implemented with students exhibiting challenging behaviour.
      3. Integrate knowledge from various sources and outline a range of specific assessment tools/methods and therapeutic interventions, including family therapy, behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy and other complementary therapies that can be used for students exhibiting challenging behaviour.
      4. Act independently to learn about the associations and differences between challenging behaviour and mental ill-health.

Mode of Teaching:

Lectures/ synchronous/ asynchronous


Mode of Assessment:

75% [2K] assignment/25% individual presentation


Total Contact Hours:



Supervised Placement and Practice Hours:



Self-Study Hours:



Assessment Hours: