M.Sc. Nutrition 3rd Year – Dietician

Learning Outcomes:

      1. Act independently and learn to perform nutritional assessments and interventions
      2. Integrate knowledge from various sources and make judgements on the various regulatory guidelines for long term care and perinatal nutrition according to the guidelines set by established institutions and organisations
      3. Plan, implement and participate in the delivery of nutrition education programs, educational campaigns, group education and counselling, and gain an understanding of program development and evaluation
      4. Participate in out-patients visits and deal with the main conditions such as diabetes, weight management and renal education.
      5. Gain experience in healthcare foodservice and catering settings, integrating food and hygiene procedures to prevent food contamination
      6. Act independently and learn to use IT responsibly and maintain integrity, confidentiality and security when dealing with data
      7. Deal with clinical problems of a nutritional nature while communicating effectively with clients and other healthcare professionals and staff

Mode of Teaching:

Placement/asynchronous forums


Mode of Assessment:

3K Assignment (40%) logbook (60%)


Total Contact Hours:



Supervised Placement and Practice Hours:



Self-Study Hours:



Assessment Hours: