Maltese proficiency

Learning Objectives:

      1. Apply knowledge and skills when communicating in the Maltese language using vocabulary and phrases for situations in everyday life and representative of home, work, social and public settings by both comprehending spoken Maltese and showing the ability to engage in improvised reciprocal conversation.
      2. Supervise one’s own knowledge with responsibility and autonomy about Maltese vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and sentence structure while implementing it in comprehending written texts, simple instructions and directions.
      3. Demonstrate an understanding of how to write sentences, paragraphs and long writing tasks in the Maltese language.
      4. Demonstrate knowledge about Maltese culture and customs to enable access to further opportunities in the workplace.

Mode of Teaching:

Lectures/ Online


Mode of Assessment:

Assignments & examinations


Total Contact Hours:



Supervised Placement and Practice Hours:



Self-Study Hours:



Assessment Hours: