MastersINC-EDU-2nd Year

Learning Outcomes:

      1. Show initiative in learning independently about the importance of planning and preparation required to undertake a research project.
      2. Consult numerous sources and integrate knowledge creatively to develop a thorough understanding of the chosen subject area.
      3. Integrate knowledge from various sources and make responsible judgements on the correct use of various research methods (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods) to suit the research questions of the dissertation.
      4. Manage effectively the process of critically appraising the current literature and interpreting the results from primary and secondary data collection and presenting them in a logical manner.
      5. Effectively communicate knowledge in a scientific manner through the writing of a high-quality dissertation.
      6. Integrate knowledge from interdisciplinary fields to provide recommendations based on research findings.

Mode of Teaching:

Lectures/  synchronous/ asynchronous


Mode of Assessment:

100% [12K] dissertation


Total Contact Hours:



Supervised Placement and Practice Hours:



Self-Study Hours:



Assessment Hours: