Maths proficiency

Learning Objectives:

      1. Take some responsibility in learning the structure of the number system, the relationship between numbers and show an understanding of how to calculate mentally, using pencil and paper and using assistive technology.
      2. Applies knowledge when performing calculations using the most appropriate level of accuracy, maintaining the reasonableness of the answers obtained from calculations by rounding numbers and making rough approximations while recognising patterns and relationships in various mathematical ways and how to use algebraic manipulations.
      3. Promote self-practice in recognising the properties of shapes, selecting and using these properties to construct shapes using appropriate mathematical instruments and proving given geometric statements, while being able to determine the position and movement of shapes in a plane.
      4. Manage work progress by gathering, explaining, analysing, interpreting, evaluating and being able to communicate statistical information.

Mode of Teaching:

Lecture/ Online


Mode of Assessment:



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Supervised Placement and Practice Hours:



Self-Study Hours:



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