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Our history

Malta Leadership Institute (MLI) was founded in 2017 and is licenced under the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (Licence No: 2018-005).

MLI offers accredited and non-accredited courses that fulfil the needs of the clients and society.


This educational institute is part of Leadership Consultancy and Training Services (LCTS), established in 2008 (however registered as a partnership with MFSA in 2015 with P1584 & VAT No MT23073421). LCTS offers educational and administrative support to various other entities and associations. The services offered include consultancy, training, coaching, mentoring, as well as administration.

Our Mission

Professionally and continuously, we strive to offer our support in various forms to develop the individual in all aspects of life.
This assistance will positively impact the person’s well-being.

Our Vision

We offer services in educational development, administrative support and consultancy (coaching, mentoring and counselling), with the sole aim of empowering individuals and enterprises. Every human being is unique and aspires to achieve self-actualisation. Through our services, we aim to accompany each individual in their journey towards this ultimate goal.

Our Objectives

  • To provide training and educational support to public and private entities
  • To coach and mentor individuals and groups
  • To consult on various business aspects
  • To support organisations, associations and groups in the application, processing and implementation of EU and non-EU funded projects
  • To assist organisations, associations and groups in administering EU and non-EU financed projects
  • To support the projects of organisations with a social or non-social aim
  • To help organisations, groups and individuals in benefiting from existing local and global incentives
  • To offer quality administrative support to any other entity

Our Training Philosophy

  • Training is a journey of self-discovery, improvement and change
  • Trainees are full of potential
  • The chisel is in the trainer’s hands. Thus, he can never blame the trainee for the training’s ineffectiveness.

Meet the Team

At Malta Leadership Institute, we are dedicated to making your educational journey enjoyable and enriching.
Our experienced team is always ready to support you with attention and exceptional service.

Jesmond Friggieri


Hameed Chokran

International Office Manager

Nicole Borg

Academic Manager

Jane Ilagan

Administrator & PA to CEO

Sarah Buttigieg

Sales and Marketing Officer

Josianne Buttigieg

Administration Officer