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Psychology of Learning I

Course Duration:  9 hours - 3 hours

Psychological theories explain how different people learn. These approaches assist educators in understanding their students better and rethinking their practice. Additionally, thanks to these theories, they can identify the right resources and activities when it comes to teaching students with special needs and promoting the principle of inclusivity in class.



  1. Main Theories of Learning

  2. Various Models of Learning

  3. Cognitive development and theories of learning

  4. Communicating with parents and other professionals to understand best practices when teaching children with special needs.

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Learn how the theories of learning can be used to motivate children with diverse needs.

  2. Discover how to adapt these different learnings models to students' needs.

  3. Learn how to implement cognitive theories when assisting children with special needs.

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