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Understanding Provision Maps & IEPs

Course Duration:  On Request

Learning Support Educators are responsible for reviewing IEPs, recording and reporting IEP implementation, and participating in Provision Mapping programmes.

MAPs and IEPs are intended to help educators plan the academic year. These programmes enable educators to adapt their teaching strategies according to students' needs. Moreover, research shows that these approaches positively impact the lives of students with disabilities.

This module, therefore, focuses on the importance of IEPs (Individualised Educational Programmes), their formulation and implementation.


  1. The Definition of Individualised Educational Programmes & Provision Mapping

  2. The History of IEPs & Provision Mapping

  3. The Importance of IEPs & Provision Mapping

  4. Planning, setting goals and reviewing IEPs

  5. Writing SMART goals

  6. Choosing the right IEP goal strategies

  7. Reviewing and evaluating IEPs

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Recognise the importance of IEPs and Provision Mapping.

  2. Practise the planning, goal setting, and designing processes.

  3. Write and review an IEP and a Provision Map according to the Universal Learning Design.

  4. Identify the strategies needed to implement and review IEPs and Provision Maps.

  5. Learn how to assist students, their relatives and other professionals in the best way possible.

  6. Learn how to collaborate with other education professionals and INCO when formulating IEPs and Provision Maps.

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