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Inclusive Communities Beyond Schooling

Course Duration:  On Request

Education assists children to integrate into society by developing their skills. Therefore, the skills learnt at school should have real-life applications. The 'inclusive education' concept aims to link academic and extracurricular activities, to provide an all-encompassing package that empowers children. Furthermore, inclusive policies motivate children with special needs to participate in their communities and society at large.


  1. Linking schooling, community and families

  2. The school-community-family triad's benefit

  3. Developing strategies that focus on integrating children with special needs into society

  4. Implementing inclusive policies at the school level

  5. These policies' overarching benefits

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Recognise the importance of inclusive strategies at the school level.

  2. Discuss how students with special needs can participate in the community.

  3. Learn teaching practices that encourage the child’s participation in society.

  4. Discover various community projects that empower children with special needs.

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