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Introducing Health Psychology and Health Education

Course Duration:  25 hours

Education doesn’t merely revolve around academic success. A holistic educational strategy takes into account mental and physical well-being. Malta’s ‘Healthy Lifestyle Policy’ promotes the concept of ‘learning to be’. This notion's vision is to teach students how they can make healthy choices to lead a healthy life.

LSEs need to be health literate in order to promote a healthy lifestyle in the classroom. Students should be encouraged to practice and master health education skills, develop a healthy lifestyle, make informed decisions and improve health literacy throughout their lives.


  1. Definition of Health Psychology

  2. Health and child development (plus cognitive and social development)

  3. How health influences learning and vice versa

  4. Health Policies (Directorate for Educational Services)

  5. Health Strategies

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Discuss health behaviours, health habits, and primary prevention.

  2. Identify the challenges faced by children with special needs to live a healthy lifestyle within the Maltese context.

  3. Learn how nutrition and health influence the learning process.

  4. Determine how to prevent health-habit factors from undermining health practices.

  5. Research gender differences in health behaviours, focusing on children with diverse needs and the Maltese society.

  6. Define the relationship between self-efficacy and health behaviour.

  7. Recognise the importance of educators in promoting a healthy lifestyle in the classroom.

  8. Learn how to implement educational policies relating to health and well-being.

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