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Collaborating with Other Professionals

Course Duration:  On Request

When LSEs collaborate with other professionals, children receive a coherent intervention plan and benefit from a holistic delivery of services. Therefore, collaboration and co-operation should be at the core of the LSE's work.

In the IEP planning process, the LSE collaborates with other professionals, such as psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. Moreover, the LSE encounters these professionals outside the school context when he/she attends therapy sessions with the child. Additionally, the LSE-teacher partnership plays a crucial role in encouraging students to improve their skills in different areas.


  1. The roles of different professionals

  2. Developing teamwork skills

  3. Multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary teamwork

  4. Ethical boundaries and confidentiality

‚ÄčOverall Competences

During this course, our students will:

  1. Identify the different types of professionals that a child with special needs encounters. 

  2. Network with these professionals at different stages of the child’s developmental process.

  3. Develop teamwork skills.

  4. Design and implement strategies to assist the teacher in the classroom.

  5. Develop analytical thinking skills to understand how the other professionals’ contributions are impacting the child. 

  6. Learn how to manage time and resources.


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