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Supporting Learners with Autism

Course Duration:  12 hours - 3 hours

This module aims to aid educators in understanding the specific needs of children with ASD.

Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) have become increasingly common. WHO estimates that 1 child in 160 is autistic. This condition has been redefined and is now considered to be a spectrum (DSM5, 2015). Moreover, the term 'Autism' is also used as an umbrella term for more specific conditions.

LSEs who care for students with ASD need to understand the condition and the severity level. Educators must recognise how this condition impedes the child’s learning process and how to support the student in the best way possible.

Therefore, this module discusses effective teaching strategies, including augmentative and alternative communication and applied behaviour analysis, to name but a few.



  1. The definition of ASD and its core characteristics

  2. Causes of ASD

  3. Diagnosis and Assessment

  4. Introduction to ABA and Positive Behaviour Supports

  5. TEACCH Model

  6. Other models and strategies

Overall Competences

During this course, our students will:

  1. Learn how to identify students with ASD.

  2. Understand the causes and prevalence of autism in Malta.

  3. Assess the educational and behavioural levels of children with ASD.

  4. Learn how to create a lesson plan that supports children with ASD.

  5. Learn how to collaborate with other professionals and the child’s parents for the student's benefit.

  6. Learn how to record and communicate the progress of students with ASD.

  7. Identify the Autism Spectrum Support Team's role in the child’s academic life.

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