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Supporting Learners with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD)

Course Duration:  16 hours - 3 hours

The term ‘profound and multiple learning disabilities’ (PMLD) describes cases of developmental delay with significant physical and sensory impairments. Some students with PMLD may also have other additional conditions that impede learning, such as Down’s syndrome, Williams syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
The LSE needs to be aware of the challenges these students encounter on a daily basis. The educator, therefore, needs to create and adapt activities according to the pupil’s needs and capabilities.
Furthermore, this module introduces approaches that the educator can use to aid these students, including but not limited to augmentative and alternative communication strategies.


  1. Definition of PMLD

  2. Types of PMLD

  3. Causes of PMLD

  4. Diagnosis and Assessment of PMLD

  5. Comorbidity with PMLD

  6. Teaching Strategies

  7. Services Available

Overall Competences

During the course, our students will:

  1. Identify the characteristics of learners with PMLD.

  2. Explore the causes and prevalence of PMLD.

  3. Assess the educational and behavioural levels of children with PMLD.

  4. Choose the best strategies when it comes to teaching children with PMLD.

  5. Become familiar with the process of creating a lesson plan for students with PMLD.

  6. Learn how to collaborate with the child's parents/guardians, as well as other professionals, for the child’s benefit.

  7. Learn how to record and communicate the child's progress.

  8. Identify the role played by Resource Centres within the college system.

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