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Supporting Learners with Intellectual Disability

Course Duration:  16 hours - 3 hours

This module focuses on Intellectual Disability (ID). ID is a subcategory of developmental disability. Children with ID need individual attention, adapted work and early intervention. LSEs need to be aware of the child’s limitations and adjust activities according to his/her capabilities. Furthermore, this module teaches evidence-based strategies that assist children with ID.


  1. Defining ‘Intellectual Disability’

  2. Exploring the characteristics and causes of ID

  3. Diagnosing and assessing ID

  4. ID comorbidities

  5. Teaching strategies and early intervention

  6. Support services available

Overall Competences

During this course, our students will:

  1. Identify the characteristics of learners with intellectual disability.

  2. Explore the causes and prevalence of ID.

  3. Assess the educational and behavioural levels of children with ID.

  4. Learn teaching strategies that aid children with ID.

  5. Learn how to create adapted lesson plans that assist children with ID.

  6. Discuss how collaboration with other professionals and the child’s parents/guardians benefits the child.

  7. Suggest how technology can be used to assist the child in his/her learning process.

  8. Learn how to record and communicate the child’s progress.

  9. Recognise the importance of Resource Centres and support services within the college system.


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