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Gifted Education

Course Duration:  9 hours - 3 hours

Inclusion is meant to address the needs of all students, including those who are particularly gifted or talented.

Gifted students fall into two categories: high-performing individuals, and pupils who possess both gifted abilities and learning disabilities/other conditions (Autism, ADHD, etc.).

The first group is usually excluded and undermined, while the latter is statemented and assisted by a Learning Support Educator. Both groups are stigmatised and are, therefore, in need of assistance. Furthermore, they deserve an opportunity to participate in enrichment or acceleration programmes to reach their full potential.

The LSE needs to identify gifted learners, assist them in developing their capabilities and promote a culture of inclusion in the classroom.


  1. Understanding Giftedness

  2. Identifying gifted learners

  3. The gifted learner’s social and emotional development

  4. Understanding underachievement

  5. Adapting the curriculum according to the student’s skillset and talents

  6. Being gifted in the core subjects: English, Maltese and Mathematics

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Analyse the meaning of ‘giftedness’ in education.

  2. Learn how to identify gifted learners in the classroom.

  3. Examine the social and emotional development of gifted learners.

  4. Determine the issues that lead to gifted learnings' underachievement.

  5. Learn how to adapt the curriculum and the core competencies of English, Maltese and Mathematics according to the gifted learner’s capabilities.

  6. Identify potential challenges when it comes to including gifted learners in the classroom.

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