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Historical Development and the Philosophy of Education

Course Duration:  3 hours - 3 hours

Martin (1956) explains that ‘when we speak of educational philosophy, we refer to the philosophical presuppositions in the human doing and making which is education.’

Being knowledgeable about a subject’s history and philosophy helps the learner to form an informed personal opinion and integrate theoretical insight and practical action.

An educator uses this knowledge when it comes to developing critical skills. He/she will also have a broader understanding of what education truly means - i.e. that it's not merely an academic exercise, but it also aims to encourage the human being to grow and develop in a holistic manner.


  1. The historical development of educational philosophy

  2. Main theoretical approaches and critiques

  3. Putting theory into practice in the classroom

  4. How philosophy influences policies

Overall competences

During this course, our students will:

  1. Explore the primary philosophical texts relating to education.

  2. Identify the main topics and critiques in the philosophy of education.

  3. Have the opportunity to engage in debates about contentious issues in education.

  4. Learn the appropriate jargon when discussing issues related to the philosophy of education.

  5. Develop an analytical perspective when it comes to discussing Malta’s education system.

  6. Classify leading philosophers of education, according to tradition and time.


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