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Inclusive Learning and Critical Pedagogy

Course Duration:  9 hours - 3 hours

Critical pedagogy brings attention to the way education is delivered. It's a problem-solving approach that strongly believes in education as a political praxis that liberates and emancipates humans, leading to transformative action.

Learning Support Educators provide equal opportunities for students by adapting activities according to the pupil’s needs and capabilities. Critical Pedagogy is, therefore, a perspective that LSEs should incorporate in their value system to reach their full potential as educators. Furthermore, this approach enables the individual to comprehend that inclusion is an ongoing process.


Introduction to Critical Pedagogy
Critical pedagogy and inclusion
Applying critical pedagogy in the classroom
Differentiated learning

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Analyse the concept of inclusion in the classroom.

  2. Outline and implement the main principles of critical pedagogy.

  3. Identify the connection between the notions of ‘inclusion’, ‘ideology’ and ‘power’.

  4. Recognise how critical pedagogy can positively influence the education system.

  5. Critically analyse the system.

  6. Develop critical consciousness, that in turn, will influence their teaching method.

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