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Contemporary Issues in Education

Course Duration:  3 hours - 3 hours

Education is not a standalone system. Educators need to take into account what is happening in other areas of society when planning a cohesive education strategy.

Therefore, this module highlights education issues within the local context and problems that affect all education systems. This knowledge will, in turn, help educators to make informed decisions.

PESTLE (Political, Economic, Technological, Environmental and Legal) is used to analyse these issues.

Defining PESTLE

Political: this focuses on demographics, globalisation, Malta as an EU member and migration.

Economic: this discusses Malta’s economic development, the brain and skill drain, literacy, numeracy, and skills development.

Social: this explores the changing fabric of the Maltese society, the concept of the family unit, the importance of extended families, gender and sexual orientation.

Technological: this analyses the digital explosion, the role of technology in the labour market, and the relationship between ICT and education.

Environment: this explores climate change, Malta’s changing landscape and communities such as Eko-Skola and NGOs.

Legal: this discusses the legal aspects of the education system and outlines the following frameworks: the Curriculum, Malta Qualification Framework, European Qualification Framework, Formal and Informal Learning, and the Rights of Children.



  1. Discussing the main contemporary educational theories

  2. Education theory and real-life applications

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Distinguish between different ideological and political perspectives relating to education.

  2. Identify the primary challenges of different stakeholders within the education system.

  3. Discuss inequality in the field of education and how different ideological models tackle this issue.

  4. Analyse various contemporary education curriculum frameworks; debate their visions, ambitions and ideological background.

  5. Critique the role of attainment, targets and outcomes within the contemporary education system.

  6. Assess how education fits into broader multi-agency approaches.

  7. Analyse different teaching methodologies and approaches.

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