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Ethical Principles in Education

Course Duration:  3 hours - 3 hours

Code of conduct is one of the main pillars of any profession. Learning Support Educators are obliged to follow the Code of Conduct and regulations issued by the Directorate of Education Services.

Through the use of case studies and theoretical concepts, participants will learn the necessary skills to make informed decisions. These skills are essential when it comes to safeguarding children’s rights and maintaining a certain degree of professionality.


  1. Revising ethical principles

  2. Philosophy of ethics

  3. Ethical dilemmas

  4. Empathising with students

  5. A values-based education

Overall competences

During this course, our students will:

  1. Develop a sense of professionalism and integrity that will enable them to make difficult decisions.

  2. Identify and debate ethical dilemmas.

  3. Critically assess ideas, theories, research, conceptual frameworks, policies and practices in education.

  4. Implement ethical principles within the curriculum framework.

  5. Determine the Maltese education system’s underlying philosophies and values.

  6. Analyse the psychological, sociological, political and economic issues that impinge on a child’s learning experience.

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