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Strategies in working with children with diverse needs - Early Years

Course Duration:  9 hours - 3 hours

The Learning Support Educator is responsible for preparing educational material that plays an active role in the instructional and educational process taking place in class.

The Maltese education system is divided into three modules, namely: Early years (Kinder to Year 2), Primary Years (Year 3 to 6) and Secondary Years (Year 7 to 11). These modules were created to explore transversal strategies. 

The LSE needs to be confident in the methodologies used at all levels. This knowledge is necessary since a Year 11 student's academic level could be comparable to that of Year 3 pupil due to disability.

Therefore, this module teaches the necessary skills to create strategies and resources that complement the student’s needs and capabilities.


  1. Understanding the Maltese Early Years Curriculum (Guidelines)

  2. Chalking out strategies and resources, with a particular focus on children with special needs

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Identify the educational needs of the student in their care. - Early Years

  2. Learn the Early Years' module fundamental theories and practices.

  3. Design strategies that will aid students with special needs.

  4. Understand the importance of early intervention in regards to students with diverse needs. - Early Years

  5. Learn how to use technology to assist a child in his/her learning process. - Early Years

  6. Recognise ways to encourage the child’s participation in class. - Early Years

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