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Educational Technology for the Inclusive Classroom II

Course Duration:  On Request

Developments in technology have led to a variety of devices that can be used to teach individuals with severe disabilities. Augmentative and alternative communication technologies help students to communicate with their educators. There is growing evidence of AAC devices’ benefits for children with autism. LSEs should, therefore, assist students in learning how to use these devices. Additionally, non-technological AAC skills such as sign language will are also be taught during this module.


  1. Understanding how AAC technology can benefit children with special needs

  2. Practical AAC activities that can be used to motivate students with diverse needs

  3. Using AAC devices to teach the core subjects

  4. Recognising the role played by the Access to Communication & Technology Unit (ACTU)

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Identify the importance of ICT and AAC devices when teaching students with special needs.

  2. Understand how these devices can be used to address the student’s specific needs.

  3. Learn how to effectively use ICT and AAC devices for the student’s benefit.

  4. Learn how to implement Malta’s ICT policy in the classroom.

  5. Learn more about the Access to Communication & Technology Unit (ACTU)'s role in aiding students with special needs. 

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