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Mindfulness for Educators

Course Duration:  On Request

This module teaches the concepts of mindfulness and self-development to reduce job stress and burnout.

LSEs need to be resilient in the face of challenges since being stressed can negatively impact the student.

Emerson et al.’s 2017 study on mindfulness found that mindfulness training enabled teachers to regulate their emotions, attention and compassion.

Furthermore, other studies concluded that mindfulness decreases burnout and negative psychological consequences, while at the same time, improving the teacher’s behaviour.


  1. Overview of the concept of ‘mindfulness’

  2. Key mindfulness concepts and practices

  3. The benefits of being mindful in the classroom

  4. Practising mindfulness in class

  5. Becoming a mindful educator

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Recognise how the concept of mindfulness can benefit their daily lives.

  2. Develop a toolbox of internal skills that will enable them to respond to situations in a more creative, open and calm manner.

  3. Learn how to shift attention and focus when dealing with children with diverse needs.

  4. Learn how to take a step back from stressful situations and see the bigger picture. 

  5. Differentiate between nurturing and depleting activities. 

  6. Develop self-soothing skills and a more compassionate attitude towards the self and the students in their care.

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