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Coaching and Mentoring Students towards Inclusion and Success

Course Duration:  On Request

Coaching is defined as ‘unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth’ (Whitemore, 2017).

Coaching and mentoring have developed into respected professionals. They empower people, as well as improving skill sets and self-esteem. When teachers integrate coaching and teaching, their planning and monitoring skills improve. Furthermore, they focus a lot more on curriculum and pedagogies and are more effective in developing student specific strategies and lesson plans.

One of the LSE’s primary roles is to practise the concept of inclusion in the classroom and to assist the children in his/her care to reach their full potential. Therefore, it's safe to say that coaching and mentoring are essential skills for LSEs. These competencies enhance their self-efficacy and positively influence the students in their care.


  1. Introduction to coaching and mentoring

  2. Various models of coaching and mentoring

  3. Coaching/Mentoring and the field of education

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Learn the principles of coaching and mentoring.

  2. Assess their coaching and mentoring skills and identify aspects that can be improved.

  3. Learn how to implement these skills in the classroom.

  4. Identify how coaching and mentoring can positively impact the classroom.

  5. Recognise the workplace coach/mentor’s role and responsibilities.

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