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Designing and Implementing Provision Maps and IEPs in Secondary Education

Course Duration:  On Request

This module focuses on designing provision maps and IEPs with secondary education and secondary-school-aged adolescents in mind.

LSEs are responsible for designing IEPs in collaboration with the teacher and INCO. They are also accountable for the IEPs’ implementation. Furthermore, LSEs need to work hand-in-hand with the principal teacher to adjust IEPs according to the student’s particular needs.


  1. Designing IEPs for secondary education.

  2. Principles of management, leadership and administration

  3. Planning and reviewing IEPs

  4. Setting S.M.A.R.T goals

  5. Implementing the IEP

  6. Reviewing and evaluating the IEP’s effectiveness.

‚ÄčOverall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Write and review IEPs and provision maps, keeping in mind the unique context of secondary schooling. 

  2. Evaluate current IEPs and provision maps, and suggest revisions/improvements.

  3. Learn how to assist students, parents and teachers in order to achieve IEP goals.

  4. Learn how to collaborate with teachers and INCO when formulating IEPs and provision maps.

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