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​Managing Meetings

Course Duration:  On Request

Meetings are essential for an organisation to move forward. However, face-to-face interactions are not always easy to control. This module teaches how to manage and direct meeting sessions for the company's long-term stability and success.

Overall competences

During this module, our students will

  1. Identify different types of meetings, their purpose and desired outcomes.

  2. Recognise if a formal meeting is necessary or if issues can be resolved in an informal manner.

  3. Learn how to identify and only invite the individuals concerned for a particular session.

  4. Develop communication skills that will come in handy during meetings.

  5. Learn how to work out the logistics in terms of organising a meeting. 

  6. Understand the importance of setting an agenda before the meeting takes place.

  7. Learn how to evaluate the meeting’s outcomes against set objectives/goals.

  8. Explore the roles played by different individuals during a meeting. 

  9. Understand the importance of rules when it comes to managing meetings. 

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