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Award in Leadership and Management - (6 ECTS) – Level 5

Course Duration:  30 hours - 3 hours

This module serves as an introduction to management science. Students will learn the main theories of management as well as comparing and contrasting management and leadership as concepts. Furthermore, it will outline managers' and leaders' roles and tasks within an organisation.

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Discuss and debate management history and how this influenced contemporary management.

  2. Understand the principle differences between the concepts of leadership, management and administration.

  3. Practice management’s four pillars: planning, organising, leadership and controlling

  4. Learn all about the social responsibilities that need to be taken into consideration and develop their own opinion about such contentious issues

  5. Learn the jargon used in this field. 

  6. Analyse how organisations adapt to uncertain environments

  7. Identify techniques managers use to influence and control the private setting. 

  8. Evaluate different leadership styles, anticipating the consequences of each approach.

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