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Award in Understanding Organisational Culture and Ethics - (4 ECTS) – Level 5

Course Duration:  20 hours - 3 hours

Leaders and managers work in a society that has various regulations. They need to be ethical when dealing with their employees and customers. All of this impinges on the company culture. 

Overall competences

During this module, our students will be able to:

  1. Understand organisational ethics and culture.

  2. Discern the importance of governance in shaping the ethics and values of the organisation.

  3. Develop corporate social responsibility

  4. Learn all about issues relating to human rights, harassment, bullying and “whistle-blowing” legislation

  5. Implement policies that promote employee equality and equity.

  6. Define ethics in the work context, taking into consideration different cultures, beliefs and value systems.

  7. Understand the difference between personal and business ethics.

  8. Understand ethical considerations relating to investment, trading, competition, manufacturing, employment, etc.

  9. Define and understand organisations' social responsibilities, and the resource implications, financial costs and returns of an ethical and equitable approach.

  10. Understand how an organisation’s ethics and culture influence the leadership style and the organisation's structure.

  11. Develop leadership skills and techniques that, in turn, influence culture.

  12. Understand the importance of creating a culture that encourages creativity and innovation, and welcomes change

  13. Learn how to leverage ethics and culture to improve employee performance.

  14. Develop the skills of empowerment, delegation and leadership.

  15. Map ethics and culture in their own organisation.

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