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Award in Managing Change in the Workplace - (4 ECTS) – Level 6

Course Duration:  20 hours - 3 hours

Change is a vital component of any organisation. When an organisation stops changing, it dies. This module explores how to develop and manage change, when to initiate it and how to implement it. Additionally, our students will learn how to deal with resistance to change and how to tackle any challenges they may face during this process. 

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Define, identify and apply the principles of change.

  2. Conduct environmental and organisational research to identify possible opportunities for change within their organisations.

  3. Differentiate between distinct types of change.

  4. Use analytical tools such as PESTLE and SWOT to evaluate change.

  5. Extract the benefits and risks of change when analysing different contexts and conditions. 

  6. Develop effective strategies to implement change. 

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