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Award in Project Management - (4 ECTS) – Level 6

Course Duration:  20 hours - 3 hours

Project management involves the application of particular processes and principles to initiate, plan, execute and manage change and new ventures within an organisation. Time, cost, scope and quality need to be taken into consideration when managing a new project. Project management and business management are two distinct concepts. The latter is an ongoing process, while the former relates to new projects that have specific timelines and end goals.

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Understand what the project management process entails.

  2. Learn how to identify critical tasks, activities, and dependencies when managing a project.

  3. Use basic mathematical techniques in estimation and quality metrics. 

  4. Learn how to use Project Management Software such as MS Project. 

  5. Analyse the underlying ethics and relations involved in the project management process.

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