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Award in Developing Situational Leadership - (4 ECTS) – Level 6

Course Duration:  20 hours - 3 hours

Situational leadership is a concept that explores how good leadership manifests in myriad ways. The most successful leaders are those who can adapt their leadership style according to the individual or group in question. Additionally, the technique used depends on the task that needs to be accomplished and the goal that needs to be achieved. 

Overall Competences

During this module, our students will be able to:

  1. Learn what effective leadership truly means. 

  2. Evaluate their performance as leaders.

  3. Develop and assess their leadership style.

  4. Analyse different leadership models and understand their implications in real life.

  5. Evaluate the impact of situational changes.

  6. Adopt different leadership approaches according to the situation in hand.

  7. Understand how different leadership styles influence employees in distinct ways. 

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