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Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Course Duration:  16 hours - 3 hours

Effective communication is essential for a company's success. An individual demonstrates strong communication skills when he/she can convey information to others, understand requests, and ask questions with confidence and ease. Excellent communication skills are one of the most fundamental competencies required by employers. 

Interpersonal skills refer to the ability to communicate and interact well with others. These include the arts of persuasion, active listening, delegation and leadership. People who have worked on developing strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in their personal and professional lives. 

Generally, employers prefer to hire individuals with strong interpersonal skills. Direct or indirect teamwork is a crucial element of any job, and employers seek employees that can work well in a team and communicate assertively.

We often take our communication style for granted. However, by becoming more aware of our communication style and improving our interpersonal skills, we can build healthier relationships and feel more fulfilled in life. 

This course enables participants to learn

  • About different means of communication

  • How to communicate effectively

  • All about the art of listening

  • How to criticise in a constructive manner

  • How to ask the right questions at the right time

  • How to be assertive

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