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Introduction to Customer Care

Course Duration:  12 hours - 3 hours

Customer service is the provision of services to a client before a purchase, during the purchasing process, and after the purchase has been made. The definition also includes:

  • Assisting customers in making cost-effective decisions

  • Assisting customers when it comes to using the product correctly

  • Helping the customer to plan, install, upgrade, maintain and dispose of the product

Customer service excellence depends on the following skills:

Promptness- delivery of products must be on time. Delays and cancellations should be avoided.

Politeness- saying 'hello', 'good afternoon', 'sir/madam' and 'thank you'. Using good manners is a must, irrespective of whether a customer makes a purchase or not.

Professionalism- a professional disposition motivates the customer to trust in your opinion as a salesperson. Ultimately, it increases brand loyalty.

Personalisation- a customer-centred approach is essential to make the customer feel that the product or service in question will improve his/her quality of life.


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