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Developing Personal Influence and Impact

Course Duration:  On Request

Power and authority are differing concepts. Power is the capacity of an agent to influence the behaviour of a target. Authority consists of formalised rights, duties and obligations.

Your personality and presence determine your personal power. Therefore, everyone has the capacity to influence. Even the person at the lowest rank of an organisation has some form of power that he can use to control his environment.

Personal impact is about

  • the use of personal power with others

  • how we let others influence us

  • how we try to influence others

  • how we project ourselves

  • how we build relationships

The concept of personal power is directly linked to the notion of interpersonal communication; i .e.the process whereby human beings exchange thoughts, feelings and information verbally or non-verbally.

Thus, improving your posture, knowing how to shake hands properly, improving your manners, controlling your nerves during meetings and being friendly and confident are key communication considerations that enhance your personal power.


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