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Sales Techniques

Course Duration:  On Request

Selling is a transaction which involves the exchange of money for a good or service. During the selling process, the seller attempts to convince the buyer that the product or service in question is essential for the latter’s life. In other words, selling is the art of persuading. 

Marketing is vital when it comes to promoting your wares.  The seven marketing mix tools - also known as the 7Ps – product, price, people, place, promotion, physical evidence and process - are the key to becoming a successful salesperson.

Conversely, selling don’ts include:

• failure to close sales

• poor service/product demonstration

• a negative customer service experience

• making false claims and selling a product or service to the wrong person.

This short course explores how you can become a professional salesperson by studying your competitors, boosting your confidence, developing excellent communication skills and providing a customer-centred experience. 


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