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Personal Empowerment & Leadership Skills

Course Duration:  36 hours - 3 hours

Personal empowerment involves building confidence and finding the strength within yourself to reach your full potential.

By making positive choices and setting an agenda, you can take control of your own life and future. Furthermore, acknowledging your limitations is key to personal empowerment.

There are five central components of personal empowerment. Self-awareness involves an understanding of our personality and how this influences the way we react to situations. Values are opinions and beliefs that are important to us as an individual. Skills are resources that enable us to achieve goals. Knowledge is vital in developing our self-awareness and our world view. Goals give us a sense of purpose.


The process of empowerment is not a drive toward stronger internal feelings. On the contrary, it’s a dynamic process during which we acquire knowledge, take action, assess our decisions and refine our efforts.



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