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Introduction to Adolescent Development (11-18 years)

Course Duration:  9 hours - 3 hours

This module builds on Introduction to Child Development (0-11years). It focuses on adolescent development, with a particular emphasis placed on those youths who do not develop according to the 'norm'.

Psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and psychiatrists use particular criteria to diagnose patients with suspected delayed development.

These same criteria are explored in this module to help educators evaluate their students. This knowledge enables them to prepare activities that cater to the adolescent’s needs. Additionally, educators can empathise with their students and correctly interpret behaviour.


  1. Principles of adolescent development

  2. Physical development in adolescents (11-18 years)

  3. Cognitive development in adolescents (11-18 years)

  4. Socio-Emotional development in adolescents (11-18 years)

  5. Assessing the adolescent's educational needs, taking into consideration the developmental stage they're in

  6. Bowles et al. 's three-tier model

  7. Interpreting educational and psychological assessments

  8. Working in collaboration with other educators to re-assess students

Overall competences

During this module, our students will:

  1. Study the main (physical, cognitive & socio-emotional) development stages of adolescents (11-18 years).

  2. Identify different students' particular needs in order to adjust educational activities accordingly.

  3. Analyse gaps between ‘normal’ and ‘delayed’ development.

  4. Learn how to interpret other professionals’ assessment of children with special needs.

  5. Identify situations when these assessments need to be revised.

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