Our Lecturers

Our lecturers are all professionals in their separate fields. They aim to guide you in your studies and to provide an exceptional learning experience.
In all our departments, we strive to foster an inclusive community and a learning methodology based on sharing and constant feedback. Our lecturers have an infectious passion for their subjects which they pass on to all students.
All in all, we don't just want to give you a qualification; we want to equip you with a skill set that you will use in all aspects of life.

Heathcliff Schembri

Heathcliff (Heath) works as a Support Teacher at the Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE) in Malta, where he trains and supports staff at the primary state school level.

Previously, he worked as a state school classroom teacher for nine years, during which period he also...

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May Agius

May Agius is in the final stages of her PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University. She currently works as a Speech and Language Therapist with ACTU (Access to Communication and Technology Unit) and is also a lecturer at the University of Malta.

Her interests include the use of AAC...

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Claire Sciberras

Claire currently forms part of the Autism Spectrum Support Team within the National School Support Services. This role enables her to support teachers and LSEs who work with students with autism. Moreover, she has served as a practice-placement tutor to students reading a B.A (Hons)/Diploma in...

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Simone Fardell

Simone's passion for teaching children was ignited when she worked with Inspire.

After this experience, she moved on to work as an LSE in various schools and also earned a Diploma in Individual Educational Needs from the University of Malta.

After several years of...

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Dorianne Rotin

Following an undergraduate degree in Social Policy in 2008, Dorianne Rotin continued her studies at the University of Malta, from where she earned a master's degree in counselling.

She is also an active member of the Malta Association for the Counselling Profession. Furthermore, she...

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Mariella Cutajar

Mariella has been a Learning Support Educator in a Maltese secondary school for the past twelve years.

She earned a Diploma in Facilitating Inclusive Education from the University of Malta. In 2013, she continued her studies at The University of Sheffield, where she read Educational...

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Jesmond Friggieri

Director & Principal of Malta Leadership Institute, Counsellor, Business Consultant and Coach and Mentor

Mr Friggieri is currently following a Master's degree course in Counselling at the University of East London. He earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the...

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Geoffrey Axiak

Geoffrey Axiak has been a qualified Registered Nurse since 1995. He earned a Masters Degree in Nursing in 2010 in addition to becoming a Registered Nutritionist in 2003.

As a nutritionist, he has worked in various settings, including advising on personalised diets, group weight...

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