Geoffrey Axiak

geoffrey axiak

Geoffrey Axiak has graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1995 and as a Registered Nutritionist in 2003. Since then he has obtained a Masters degree in Nursing and has been working as a Specialist Nurse in Clinical Nutrition since 2002. He has been involved in lecturing, organising courses and seminars since 1998 and organising conferences since 2009. Since then he has been elected as a member of the Council for Nurses and Midwives of Malta. He has lectured students and people of various professions and the general public about nursing and nutrition topics and has presented at various local and international conferences. Since a few years he has been involved in lecturing, developing courses, coordinating courses and practicals and has been promoted to Head of School of Healthcare and Social Well-being with the Malta Leadership Institute. He is presently reading for a PhD in Nursing.