Liana Darmanin

Liana Darmanin

Liana Darmanin is a registered Educational Psychologist and a member of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists.

Upon obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Hons.), she earned a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Malta.

After completing her studies, she started working as a resident psychologist at a church school in Malta, where she still works to this day.

This role enables her to work with students who manifest educational, social or behavioural challenges.

Through consultation, psycho-educational assessment, collaboration with other professional and participation in MAPs and IEPs, she is in a unique position to help support students, parents and school staff to adopt a resilience-based approach when addressing students’ needs.

Liana is experienced in delivering lectures and COPE sessions, parental skills training, anger management courses and social skills training.

Her main areas of interest are child and adolescent development, ADHD, SEBD and Autism.