Sharon Borg Schembri

Sharon Borg Schembri

Sharon Borg Schembri currently works as a Senior Assistive Technology Practitioner (Occupational Therapist) with ACTU (Access to Communication and Technology Unit).

She has a Master’s degree in Inclusive Education and Communities from the University of Malta.

Since 2009, she has been working at ACTU where she gained a lot of experience in assessing access technologies for children with disabilities and in leading and managing assistive technology services.

Her background in Occupational Therapy and interest in computer science and inclusion led her to further her professional development.

Her research focuses on Assistive Technology (AT) and its role in facilitating participation in play activities, communication as well as literacy.

She also researched Assistive Technology service delivery in Malta, access methods and the role of AAC systems in the participation of AAC users in different occupations.

Sharon co-authored an article in Assistive Technology: Building Bridges as part of the AATE 2015 conference.

She also co-authored two research presentations on the implementation of AAC systems with children with Autism for ISAAC and a poster presentation focusing on ACTU service delivery that was presented in ISAAC 2018.

Sharon has an interest in specialist access solutions that enable individuals to participate in play, education, leisure and work.